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      (1 x 12pk)

      (2 x 6pk)

      (2 x 12pk)

      (3 x 12pks)

      (4 x 12pks)


      The Estate's Selection includes:

      • 1 x The Pater Series Chardonnay
      • 1 x The Pater Series Cabernet Sauvignon
      • 1 x Q05 Arneis
      • 1 x Q05 Gamay
      • 1 x Waterfall Gully Sauvignon Blanc
      • 1 x Waterfall Gully Cabernet Merlot


      Wine Club Terms & Conditions

      By signing up to the Aylesbury Estate's Continuity Club, I agree to the following terms and conditions;

      • For additional orders, I acknowledge that I must log into my online Aylesbury account at the time of ordering, in order to redeem my 30% discount. 
      • I acknowledge that my Continuity Club subscription requires a commitment to a minimum of 12 months and if I cancel my subscription within 12 months of signing up, Aylesbury Estate will invoice me for the initial bonus six pack values at $220.00.